"Hack, Hack!"

Yes, I'm still hack-hack-hacking!  I started coughing around the 2nd week of August, and I haven't stopped.  I've been on four different anti-biotics.  I've had a chest X-ray.  But I made it through the fall concert season, and I have five weeks to go before I have to sing again.

I'd like to think I'm not a complainer, so when I do complain - or rather, when I finally go see the doctor - it is usually past what I have let on to those around me.  I don't intend to change this, by the way.  I'm just letting you know.  I think the times when I am most verbal about any health "issues" are when it gets close to doing a concert, and I am worried about being able to perform at my best.  I prepare quite a lot for a concert - rehearsals, setting up the sitter, drycleaning our concert attire, packing, getting plenty of sleep, rehearsals and more rehearsals, preparing equipment, sound checks and more rehearsals.  So when there is a wild card thrown in the mix - like being sick - I have to turn every single note over to God.

"Lord," I say.  "I can't sing this.  You have to do it for me."  Literally, during every note.  Have you ever wondered what performers are thinking as they are on stage doing their thing especially if they have done it hundreds of times?  Do you think they are going over their grocery list in their head or wondering what the weather will be like during their vacation?  I guess I can't say what other people are thinking, but I sure am doing a LOT of praying!

Next week I'll be getting a CT Scan in the hopes that the Docs can find out where all this annoyance is coming from.  The lungs look fine, so they say, which rules out any pneumonia-type-stuff and bronchial-type-stuff.  All the while I was thinking it was higher up anyway, but not as high up as in my head like the Doc is suggesting..."head" meaning sinuses, not brain!  ("It's all in your head, Marie.  You're not actually sick.")

I'll keep you posted.  At least I have something to blog about!

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