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Marie Barlow Martin


How Great Thou Art

Marie Barlow Martin: How Great Thou Art


Shelter - Worship Through The Ages

Marie Barlow Martin: Shelter - Worship Through The Ages


Years - Memories of Christmas

Marie Barlow Martin: Years - Memories of Christmas


How Can I Keep From Singing - Hymns

Marie Barlow Martin: How Can I Keep From Singing - Hymns


Dancer To The Drum

Marie Barlow Martin: Dancer To The Drum

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Rock Dove Ministries


Hi Everyone!

I thought it was high time I updated everyone on the changes that have been happening in my life. You can see by the calendar that I currently have NO concerts or special appearances coming up. This is on purpose! Last year I decided to head back to school. I've been pursuing my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I am on track to graduate in May of 2015. It's an extremely interesting field, and I hope to work with trauma survivors especially women who have experienced…

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Welcome to a brand new year! I am happy to say good-bye to 2013 and am looking forward to what is ahead in the coming year...

I'd like to update you on the status of Rock Dove Ministries. You may have noticed that concert dates for the past year and the coming year are very few and far between. This is not because we are lazy! Actually, I spent most of last year working on earning a Master's Degree, and I will be going to school full time in 2014 as well. I am earning a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental…

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I Love Lompoc 

Last week, I was in California seeing family and friends and performing with the wonderful Lompoc Pops Orchestra.  Can I just say:  "BRAVO"!  I was so blessed to be allowed to join such a special group of musicians who work so hard to bring the beauty of music to California's Central Coast.  I wish I could take them all with me on the road!

Hope Springs Eternal 

This glorious pure bred German Shepherd was abandoned by her owners - tied in the back yard and left there.  After all, a ten year old dog is disposable, right?  Her humans didn't want to bother with her anymore.  She had heart worms and parasites.  She was starving, confused and years of legendary German Shepherd loyalty couldn't even save her life. 

So she found herself on the kill list at a local pound in Florida where she had no windows, barely enough room to turn around, a concrete wall and a metal…

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Next: CT Scan 

Hey Ho - next thing I get to look forward to in the seemingly never-ending cough saga is a CT Scan scheduled for January 12th at 12:45 (wrote this down here so I wouldn't forget). 

Now, I've never had a CT Scan before, and I'm kind of excited to take a 3D look into my X-ray'd self, but I'm discovering that unlike what you see on TV, they do NOT sit in a room with you going over the X-rays pointing out interesting features as you ooh and aah over your inner workings.  No.  You don't get to see them at all…

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"Hack, Hack!" 

Yes, I'm still hack-hack-hacking!  I started coughing around the 2nd week of August, and I haven't stopped.  I've been on four different anti-biotics.  I've had a chest X-ray.  But I made it through the fall concert season, and I have five weeks to go before I have to sing again.

I'd like to think I'm not a complainer, so when I do complain - or rather, when I finally go see the doctor - it is usually past what I have let on to those around me.  I don't intend to change this, by the way.  I'm just letting…

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Blogging 101 

Since I can't seem to get on the right track with this blogging thing, I decided I needed to start reading other blogs - specifically, blogs about blogs - and try to gather some inspiration for my own.  So far it has felt as though I was wandering around in the dark bumping into things in cyberspace somewhat like one of those silver balls in a pachinko machine. 

I came across Mark Suster's blog entitled "Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about...)" and found some good advice with interesting…

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Church at the Mall 

In the bleak midwinter, Gordy & I sang some Christmas songs...

Thanks to all the wonderful people at Church at the Mall!  We so enjoyed being there with you today for a special time of music.  You were so kind and understanding as we bellowed out note after note being half sick - coughing and sniffling and mustering up as much energy as we could!!

Seriously, it wasn't that bad.  Dick, thank you for the shrimp.  We truly missed Natalie, and we are thankful for all the support she gave us through the years…

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