Hope Springs Eternal

This glorious pure bred German Shepherd was abandoned by her owners - tied in the back yard and left there.  After all, a ten year old dog is disposable, right?  Her humans didn't want to bother with her anymore.  She had heart worms and parasites.  She was starving, confused and years of legendary German Shepherd loyalty couldn't even save her life. 

So she found herself on the kill list at a local pound in Florida where she had no windows, barely enough room to turn around, a concrete wall and a metal floor.  She sought comfort & affection from the workers there who could only give her a passing pat on the head as they did their jobs and moved on. 

Thankfully, she was then rescued from her plight by  She was named Hope.  After 4 weeks of rehabilitation in a Georgia kennel, some love & regular walks, vet care & gentle grooming, she blossomed into the loyal & affectionate Shepherd she was born to be!  Hope is arriving in her new forever home tomorrow.  The rescue group has arranged for her to come all the way to Pennsylvania, and Hope will be joining our home here in Etown!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  This gentle dog is going to have a fabulous retirement, and the days of fear & loneliness are over for Hope!  I can't wait to meet her. 


Pat and Bill
February 14, 2012 @04:21 pm
You know how happy both Bill and I are for you and that lucky dog, Hope. She will soak any amount of love and will return it 3 fold with devotion. The cats will just have to deal with it--they've had you all this time.
Mark Barlow
February 14, 2012 @11:20 am
You are amazing MARIE!
Ellen Withrow
February 14, 2012 @10:25 am
Of course, you are still rescuing animals! You are an inspiration to me. We have a German shepherd foster dog that was severely underweight when we got him, but he's improving and now staying in a possible forever home. And we've adopted three rescue cats that we adore. You'll always be my soul sister. -Ellen

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