A New Day Has Come

Well, kids, with the launch of the new web site, we really, really and truly are going to get on the blog-wagon even if it is only a quick word or two.  Ok, it may not be every day (for sure won't be every day) but we plan on checking in often.  We will post info that we find interesting or helpful, inspirational or funny, pertinent or completely unrelated to anything.  


So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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Marie Barlow Martin


How Great Thou Art

Marie Barlow Martin: How Great Thou Art


Shelter - Worship Through The Ages

Marie Barlow Martin: Shelter - Worship Through The Ages


Years - Memories of Christmas

Marie Barlow Martin: Years - Memories of Christmas


How Can I Keep From Singing - Hymns

Marie Barlow Martin: How Can I Keep From Singing - Hymns


Dancer To The Drum

Marie Barlow Martin: Dancer To The Drum
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